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Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone In A Car


Seeing your phone battery drain especially when traveling or stuck in traffic can make you feel bored and frustrated. You end up plugging in your phone to your car’s USB port without knowing the repercussions that come with that.

Even though you might think that it is a good move to charge your phone for some time rather than having it go off, you are in fact doing more harm to your phone than you could have imagined.

To maintain your phone’s battery and extend its lifespan, here’s why you should stop charging your phone in the car.

1. Your phone could receive too much power

Charging your phone in your car could cause damage to it. This is because most phones are made to be charged by specific chargers that control the amount of power they receive. If you are charging your phone using your cigarette lighter port, it will receive too much power and become overheated, which might eventually affect its internal components

In addition to this,  your car’s USB port can also provide less electricity. This means that your phone is using more power than it is receiving. With time, the USB can fail to charge and later destroy the phone’s battery.

2. Drain the car’s battery

Charging your phone in the car can drain your car’s battery especially if you have an old battery. This is because the USB port in your car will draw power your car battery in order to charge your phone.


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