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Violent Video Games And Effect on Human Behavior


Video gaming is one of the unique ways of entertainment in the new millennium, we can dive into a whole new virtual world with advanced mechanics and gameplay, be it on our Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or even on our capable mobile phones.

Youths spend a vast amount of time playing these games, games that depict violence are very common franchises, most of them aiming at you killing foes to achieve victory, in others, certain themes like robbery, arson, drugs, and the likes are depicted. Do these games affect the way humans behave? especially the young ones?

Experts have warned that they indeed do. When humans are exposed to this depicted violence for a long period of time, they get desensitized to them. Take for an instance; a cup of coffee you normally add four cubes of sugar to sweeten it, but when you add vinegar to the cup of coffee, you would need up to four times the amount of sugar you normally use, the coffee has been “desensitized” to the sugar by adding vinegar. In playing these games, moral standards drop as well as empathy towards the situations depicted when they happen in real life.

However, video games alone do not solely affect the character of an individual and push them to negative behaviors,it goes in play with other factors, a few of which are; poor living conditions, current mental health issues, influence by other individuals, access to crime enabling tools, lack of social standing among other things. It is the presence of these factors combined with the adverse addiction to these games that individuals tend to be crime prone or socially disruptive.


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