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SupaNaija Update: Fruits that helps you build your immune system

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There are certain food that will keep your immune system strong. They can help prevent colds, the flu, and other infections because they contain antibodies that are needed daily.

Most people don’t have a second thought after they have caught a cold, they just take vitamin C immediately. Rather than use the pills, you can be assured that these fruits would help keep your body resistant to the viral infection.

Red ball pepper: People have oftentimes condemned pepper, arguing that it contains no nutrient. But that’s not true. Vitamin C is largely contained in any fruit or vegetable, and red bell peppers contain almost 3 times as much vitamin c.

Garlic: It is very effective in fighting infections and it helps to slow down the hardening of the arteries. Most people add garlic to herbal medicines because of this belief.

Ginger : It helps decrease inflammation, reduce a sore throat and inflammatory illnesses. Ginger may help with nausea as well. While its used in making many desserts, its another fruit loaded with vitamin C.

Pawpaw: The fruit contains a digestive enzyme called papain that has anti-inflammatory effects. It contains potassium and magnesium, which are both beneficial to overall health.


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