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COVID-19: How To Test If Your Face Mask Is Effective Against The Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic caused a lockdown of various nations.

Although some of these nations have lifted the lockdown convention, residents were encouraged to utilize face veils while approaching their different organizations.

In states like Nigeria for example, not every person could get the suggested careful covers. In this way, individuals began making handcrafted face veils, from Ankaras and cotton material.

While these custom made face veils are wonderful and show craftsmanship, they will be unable to ensure individuals like careful face covers.

The National Library of Medicine reports that a test was done to find out the contrast among careful and custom made face covers. As per them, the two covers altogether diminished the number of microorganisms removed, despite the fact that the careful veil was multiple times more successful in blocking transmission than the handcrafted cover.

They further exhorted that natively constructed covers ought to be utilized as a final retreat to keep bead transmission from contaminated people, as it would be superior to no assurance.

For home tests to know whether your face cover is successful;

Vacuum Test

1.Try utilizing covering a vacuum cleaner with your face covers

2. Put some powder on the ground

3. At that point with your face veil covering your vacuum, attempt to suck up the powder.

In the event that the vacuum cleans the powder successfully, it implies your face covers won’t secure you against microorganisms.

Fire Test

1. Put on a natively constructed face cover

2. Put on a lighter or a match stick.

3. Attempt to victory the match stick while wearing the natively constructed face cover

On the off chance that the fire extinguishes, it implies there’s an issue. Such face veils may not completely ensure you against microorganisms.


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